by Sourav Singh (@thelucifer) on Monday, 28 August 2017

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Technical level



Game Theory is a domain in mathematics which deals with studying cooperation, defection and trust between entities and creating models around these.

One of the interesting problems in Game Theory is Prisoner’s Dilemma, which deals with trust and cooperation between two or more entities.

The talk will discuss about Game Theory and Prisoner’s Dilemma and how you can study this phenomenon using Axelrod library. The talk will have a few code demos which will show some interesting results and will talk about how you can contribute to the library further.


1) Introduction to Game Theory, Prisoner’s Dilemma and Moran Process
2) How Prisoner’s Dilemma applies to real world
3) Creating a game tournament in Python.
4) Understanding the results of the tournament and knowing the winner and losers of the tournament.
5) Q & A

Speaker bio

1) I am currently involved with Lernr Project and have been working with Python for 3+ years.
2) Contribute to Biopython, Galaxy Project, bioconda and conda-forge.
3) My interests are in the field of Bioinformatics, High-Performance Computing and Game Theory.