PyCon Pune 2018

PyCon Pune

Implementing Design Patterns in Python


Smital Desai


Knowledge of design patterns is really important in software architecture. But implementing the patterns can be greatly simplified based on the offerings of a language.

There are lot of people who come from other languages to Python and end up implement these patterns in canonical way which might lead to either confusing or more than necessary code.

This will be my attempt to show Python offerings such as

  • function decorators
  • function as first class citizens


We will look at

  • Decorator Pattern
  • Strategy Pattern
  • Command Pattern

and how Python’s support for functions as first class citizens of the language can simplify , implementing
these patterns.


Internet, Projector

Speaker bio

Overall 9+ years of Industry experience. At present working as Android application Developer at Gojek.
Previously worked as Linux kernel Developer at Qualcomm, San Diego.
Been dabbling in Python a lot recently because I have been managing CI pipeline for mobile team and still learning the quirks of the language.