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Network Infrastructure Automation with Ansible

Submitted by Trishna Guha (@trishnag) on Sep 14, 2017

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Shortlisted


Ansible’s simple automation framework not only can automate Server Infrastructure but also Network Infrastructure. Ansible can automate full production life cycle of Network infrastructure. This talk will give an overview of how we write Python modules and plugins to provide automation for Network infrastructure.


Why Automation for Networks?
What is Ansible?
Why Ansible?
How Ansible automates Network infratructure and Configuring Network devices:

  • Configuration automation of the network stack from system to access to core services
  • Test and validate existing network state
  • Continuous compliance to check for network configuration drift

Playbook Example
Aggregate Resources
Platform Agnostic Modules
Declarative Intent - Test Driving Ansible
Network CI Workflow
Test Automation with Ansible


This is not Ansible101 talk.
Basic knowledge of:

  • Ansible
  • Networking

Speaker bio

Speaker’s name is Trishna Guha, graduated in June, 2017.
She currently works at Red Hat with Ansible Engineering team, prior to this she was Intern on Fedora Engineering team at Red Hat. She loves Open Source, Automation and Community.



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