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PyCon Pune

How I started my motorcycle with Python

Submitted by Anoop Nayak (@anoopknayak) on Sep 15, 2017

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


Python has been the go-to language for nearly all logical problems. This presentation in a nutshell is about my venture with Python and how I started my motorcycle without the keys using it. It throws light into the basics of electronics in a motorcycle and how to code to turn on the circuit using Python. This presentation also explores how Python is used to collect metrics from the motor cycle’s ecu via bluetooth ( over OBD port ) and push it to a server. The application that is discussed is a Python based android app. The basics of developing a Python based android app will be presented as well.


Speaker bio

I’m an avid pythonista with around 6 years of experience in Python. I’ve been majorly involved in the developmental stage of multiple startups from my college days. I currently work at LinkedIn as a Site Reliability Engineer. I also am a major contributor to LinkedIn Lite android app. Apart from computers, riding bikes and tinkering with my Duke is what I do



  • Kushal Das (@kushaldas) Crew 2 years ago

    Thank you for submitting the talk to PyCon Pune. The talk selection team will contact you here in case of any queries. Meanwhile, please make sure that you provide a link to the presentation slides.

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